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Of Breakevens, Persian Kebabs and New Moons

So, this is categorized under TL;DR stuff; semi-private matters that won’t matter except when they accidentally do. I will be talking about what happened for the past 3 days, not promising any, but also not limiting any, thing or two you might learn something from.

- – - – - -

Anyway, the weekend was a blast. Saturday kicked off with an early morning impromptu breakfast with some of the Cognizant people. Going from McKinley Hill, Fort Bonifacio, we took a creative route going to Persian Kebab somewhere in Greenhills. Specifically, we took a cab, argued which route to go, opted for EDSA suggested by the driver, traffic, cut our losses and got off, rode the MRT at Guad station, realized cab driver was right after seeing EDSA eased of traffic a little later, got off at Santolan-Annapolis, rode a cab and finally got there.

Well, the food was worth it, I guess. It is relatively cheap (compared to the Korean or high-end restaurants, I guess) I thoroughly enjoyed the kebab platter for 160 pesos with bismati rice. Sheryl ordered these. Anyway, I would have gone for another plate of rice, but it was a good call that I didn’t since I ended up eating leftovers from my gluttonous master. These are the types of food that I actually enjoy, tasty, filling, reasonably priced and enough authenticity for my tastes. Persian Kebab definitely became one of my favorite places to eat.

- – - – - -

And I learned two things, 1) I finally knew that the white stuff you put on shawarma is actually yogurt. It makes sense since dairy products counteract with the spicy taste. Second, is that I can still remember, by heart, my 2nd year Asian history. And yes, Persia was Iran and Asia Minor is Turkey. I got a good teacher. Thank you Mr. Lizardo.

- – - – - -

We headed home, stomachs full and a bit sleepy. Took a nap for another destination, which was the Novus Luna song set in Market! Market! for Lazer Extreme‘s 2nd anniversary celebration. This band is special in its own right, but let me just start with how its special for me. Simply, the stunningly cute lead vocals of Novus Luna, MGX, (or Margaux to me) is the sister of one of my bestfriends in UP Diliman and we’re pretty close as well.

The day we met, I thought, “wow, I can’t believe this pretty chick is Josh’ sister. Hands-off rule of bestfriends. DARN IT.” Haha. I kid. She was still applying for the UPCAT when Josh invited her to sit-in in Josh’ Math class. (back when UP still rock and doesn’t require students to wear IDs) She graduated before us though. XD

- – - – - -

Anyway, Novus Luna is no pushover. You might have heard of RPG Metanoia, the first Philippine full length CG-Animated feature film in 3D, and they wrote the song “Metanoia” for that (just to clear it up, Mgx did not sing the Tagalog Metanoia song). Their lead guitarist is THE Jack Rufo, some know him as the lead guitarist of Neocolours but if you’ve heard the circa 2004 Philippine National Anthem, Kitchie Nadal‘s Huwag na Huwag Mong Sasabihin, you’ve probably heard his work. Next up is PULP’s 2010 Stagg Awards best drummer Karmi Santiago, and their bassist Gareth Somers. If you want to hear their song, it’s probably best to visit Novus Luna Facebook page for a download of their latest song “Ayoko“.


PHOTO CREDITS: Rookie Camaclang at


Seriously, better watch out for this band. Novus Luna is turning out to be one of the most creative OPM bands today when Philippine radios are dominated by redundant old hits, redundant covers of old hits, MYX channel forced hits from the ABS-CBN empire and anything-but-Original Pilipino music. They are the “New Moon” after all.


Before I completely turn into one of their biggest groupie, we come full circle with the title of this blog post. It is one of the songs they covered during the event, Breakeven by The Script, it is one of those songs that you liked listening to but never got the chance to know the title of until someone mentions it again. And now I am here mentioning it again. They also covered one of my favorites, “You’re A God” by Vertical Horizon and graced us with “Dazzled” originally composed by Mgx during college. That’s another story.

- – - – - -

Anyway, we got to catching up afterwards.  I also got to meet Jude Ng, who’s practically a legend by virtue of him having rubbed elbows with Marie Digby, among other things, and teaching me tons of stuff I am currently interested in. Then we plotted – I mean planned – a “surprise party” for Josh there. (And Josh if you are reading this, the only way for you to find out is to go back here in the Philippines buddy.) Afterwards, poker night with Tropa ni Potsu in celebration of basically any random thing at the moment. (and this time it was the 100,000 views of our hit video release right here.) We plotted yet another scheme and went playing (i.e. me losing at) poker until 7 in the morning.

Good times.

- – - – - -

The next part of the story? Maybe I’ll let Sheryl tell that. Goodnight!