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The day went by smoothly.

Well, since it was Memorial Day in the U.S., Sheryl dropped by to visit our beloved Sophie. We watched Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End, the last of our POTC marathon (subtitles helped so much, thank you!) and Unknown by one of our newly favorite actors, Liam Neeson.  We then met up in Market! Market! to buy chew toys, dog treats, and dog shampoo for potty training purposes. Took a chance on the lottery, then went home to the abomination of worms in Sophie’s “world”.


Speaking of smooth, I accidentally watched Journo in Aksyon TV. The issue is about how presidential spokesperson Edwin Lacierda blames columnists for the supposed rapid decline (keyword: rapid) of popularity ratings of Noynoy Aquino. As some of you may know, I am a staunch supporter of the looming epic vindication of those who campaigned to not vote for the current President of this dysfunctional society. So it comes to great convenience for me, how this segment basically spoke for my deepest repressed opinions.

And that is an effort in and of itself. Some time ago, I have opted to either belay, postpone, ignore, disenfranchise, subtly scoff at, or blindly justify any negative opinions, news and rumors against Noynoy Aquino out of fear of being right. But now, for internet record’s sake, and as far as the first year goes, the Noynoy administration sucks.

I’m not really a politics-person by nature. But what I am is a bullshit detector, and to me, exposing lies is just as pleasurable as creating them, thus this particular context of discussion.

Anyway, Lacierda claims that he was misquoted for the remark or some other random de facto excuse, although for the administration’s sake I wished he had taken that bullet already, apologize and let the discussion end there. Now the whole debacle just revealed the gaping flaw of the Palace’s policy on public relations in general: basically treat the people like idiots.

Let me simplify: they want you to know just the good news; they criticize the media for showing only the negative criticisms they receive, not acknowledging its potential to help them; Noynoy insists on his privacy yet he plays his dry spell love life to somehow charm himself in front of the people’s heartstrings; he wants to trumpet his transparency and, to his credit, has done so with the different departments, but refuses to answer any more questions regarding his Porsche or whatnot (also, his pork barrel).

He bungled his first executive order, he bungled the supposed Truth commission, he bungled the Mendoza hostage crisis, he bungled relations with China and Hongkong, he can’t fire his ineffective bestfriends decisively, he reacts instead of anticipating, he always goes on the defensive through making excuses instead of solutions, he acts the dictator in the ARMM by wanting to suspend its elections, and I can go on to the point of thats-not-funny-anymore levels.

Oh, he can’t sustain a romantic relationship long enough for the next tabloid to print juicy rumors about it.

Imagine this. He created this convoluted communications group made up of at least 3 publicly well-paid presidential spokesperson for the sake of addressing a perceived “weakness” of his administration, namely “messaging”; when he can do, be as “effective”, or even be more “effective” without it. Funny thing that his popularity ratings, the pillar of his ascent to the presidency, continues to descend down the drain which shouldn’t be the case because of the presence of said communications group.

Now to add hilarity to the situation, said communications group blames the media for the continued trend of unimpressive shrinking of popularity ratings to the columnists. To sum up, the president thinks “messaging” is his weakness when its not, he creates a communications group when he shouldn’t have, the communications group blames the media for the dismal result of their efforts. (To me, that sounds like firemen blaming the flames for the destruction),  The biggest joke here is that it still seems palatable.

Surely, you can be taken out of context for saying such, but the line of thought remains. What are they implying for even thinking of shifting the blame? That the simple dissatisfaction of the people is anything but the fault of the president of the Philippines?


I love what Luchi Cruz-Valdez said as she wrapped up the show. From which I can only remember a few words, “Change…” Not all hope is lost though, he still has 5 more years to try. That’s some of my good news to you. And I really mean that.