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Lately, I realized that money isn’t the only root of all evil as far as my life is concerned. There are also demons such as wikipedia, facebook, 4chan, pinoyexchange et. al. So, lately I have exorcised some of them out of my system. I have deleted some of them, such as my plurk, tumblr and twitter and “weakening” my ties with facebook. So far, this blog and the multiply account remains. Also, my email for obvious purposes.

And Sheryl was right. Disconnecting from the net has been… therapeutic. So far, I’ve accomplished ALOT from the 2nd day I have disconnected myself not only from the internet but from the computer as well. I’ll just continue this and we’ll see what else I can do. Hell, I’ve even taken up cardistry.

So, what’s the big deal right? Jeez Gus, get over yourself.

First of all, well, this is my blog.

If there was one thing I’ve learned from the past few years is that I am “wired” differently. And hey, my life hasn’t been going according to plan (or the normal plan one could have) has it? I’ve come to terms with the fact that life gives me a double dose of irony and that I should just go with it. At times, it does seem like everything just sucks. And that my life is turning into a joke. I lived miserably, failed alot, suffered alone, and scared out of my wits. But again, this realm of despair is my specialty. I know my way here and this can’t crack me.

So, yeah. This is the action plan as of the moment: Purge. Purging my online footprint and online relationships (pun not intended? :D just joking). I only hope I’m not too late though because I’ve been here too long. And I’ve been here since WAY before Windows 3.1. (I boot one of my first computers with a 5.25 floppy diskette for goodness sake.) And again, it is therapeutic.

But not just ALL of my footprint just yet. I sincerely believe that computers and me being online will be a part of me in the future. Just not these days, I guess.

Hopefully, all goes well. I am excited about this cardistry thing.



- Facebook deactivated.

- Sheryl and I will go to Cebu.

- My dog eats like a hippo.

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Posted August 26th, 2011 in TL;DR stuff

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  1. avatar Sheryl:

    So proud of you! :)

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