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Of fangs, fire and redemption

So, me and Sheryl had a quarrel right?

I symbolize this anger by ejecting her pictures from the empty sanctuary that is my wallet.

Come morning, we smooth it over somehow and decided to invite her over for us to watch a movie.

Forgetting I took out the picture and put it back again, we soon discovered that some of them were ripped to shreds by our beloved Sophie.

The fun part.

Tonight, I notice a picture of my ex somehow appearing on the table in fang-proximity.

Coincidence? I think not.

LOL nursie

I see what you did there

Well played, Sophie.

- – - – - -

In other news, a fire almost broke out from the third floor of our rooms. Imagine the worst call I could possibly take, which came from no less than my father, saying “Where are you??? The house is ON FIRE.” I almost sprinted all the way home from Market-Market. Of course, my first impulse is to check the skyline from where I’m at. It’s good that I can see my actual house from the elevated area of Market-Market. No smoke. That made me feel secured.

Apparently, one of our boarders forgot to unplug the rice cooker and it overheated. Fortunately, one of our other boarders are home and noticed this. Thank God that is the end of that. Meanwhile, my laptop, which was directly below it, lapped up the water used to extinguish the fire.

And my bed and room were soaked. Small price to pay.

Anyway, this made me appreciate my parent’s reaction to it. They were still very civil and even kind to it than I was. (And I thought I was being kind about it.) It made me really happy.

Good news, good news. Speaking of which, I’m back in UP baby! For the last time!

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  1. avatar elpidio:

    Thanks God for not letting you go, and still alive and kicking…he.. he

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