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It is an hour after the day changed, but I am writing to make the effort.

Before this, I had to login to my WordPress site. It turned out longer than anticipated, given the few distractions and musings of my own. As my WordPress site is, let’s say, a personalized one, it was having problems (of neglect, notwithstanding).

You see, my WordPress site is hosted on my website. I had to “install” it there – login, database, theme and all – and not on the site. So, when I try to login to my account, which is on my own website, it was giving me errors.

It turns out that WordPress sites under my (free) hosting provider is under attack with brute force by bots or witches or whatnot. This explains the number of “new user” notifications I receive daily considering this is a fairly private blog.

To make the long story short, I had to figure out what is going on, download Notepad++, edit the PHP code of the login site, and finally write this blog. And I am sleepy.

But this is great.

Previously, that is just enough. But I am not like that anymore.

I promised myself to commit to a 300-word blog post per week. Nothing fancy, I guess. Just a healthy commitment to write. There are a number of things I love to talk about but don’t and a greater number of things I hate to talk about and hate to face.

And this should stop. Because I want to be a writer.

It took too long to admit, but hey, I gotta start. And this is great.

Anyway, I am glad to be able to write stuff down. Again. And I am itching to delete my previous blog posts. In fact, I might re-do the whole blog thing again. Maybe get my own (paid) website too. I am a bit excited, but thinking of the logistics and whatnot, I make another yawn.

It shall be done in due time.

Maybe I shall tell interesting things with the next blog post, but now, I am just glad Fauxx is back.

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