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Unedited: “The Heart of the Matter”

The Heart of the matter

The basic question is why I am doing this. Fact is that you have loved me truly, madly and deeply for a good almost-5-years-worth of both of our lives and that – is not easy. Although it may or may not seem like it, ending those years and letting you go was not easy for me.

I do not want people to think that breaking up and letting go is a bad thing. It is not.

At the end of the day, I am still a hopeless romantic. I love being in love and I loved that I was, with you. I do not want to jinx my chances in saying that you are the greatest love of my life, but I would say that you are the best I have had so far. As I may have declared previously, I love writing about these things. Frankly, I could not write about anything else.

People may find someone else better, but I believe that each person is the best in their respective moments. And let us leave it at that.

Among the many, here are ten rules that I’ve learned being with her. So, guy, read it and you might get some tips. Don’t get weirded out, you have her already:

1. If she hasn’t told you already, she loves her hair stroked and her ears cleaned. But it is pretty much the first few things you will learn about her. She sleeps easily when you stroke her hair. And you will both love it. If she hasn’t bought you one already, an ear cleaner with the light at the tip costs 20 pesos. It is not as bad (or as gross) as it sounds. She likes to sleep with a blanket.

2. Always clean your place. Or she will. And will nag you in the process.

3. Beware of her admirers. They tend to become many and they tend to be persistent. Keep one step ahead of them and keep them close. But do not worry; she will fight for you and your relationship. Do not worry about her exes. Once she loves you, she will only love you.

4. Cook for her at least once and cook for her once in a while. She also loves to cook, make sure to eat heartily. Be prepared to eat a part of her share in restaurants.

5. Do not be afraid of her Dad or her Mom. They are very good people. She quarrels with her mom and sibling a lot. Do not let this fool you. Despite this, she loves them deeply and she is a good sister and daughter.

6. When you get into a fight, it will almost usually last for only a day and do not let it last longer. Apologize first. Although her sorry is genuine, she is not really that good in saying it so bear with it. Hugging her after is worth it; so make sure to get or give it. It is okay to make it last long.

7. She tends to be impulsive. Try to cope. Save all your pictures as she might delete it one day. Be ready to do things outside your schedule. Expect changes, and expect the unexpected. If you can, surprise her.

8. Stomp cockroaches. Give up trying to make her watch gore and horror films. Take the end of the world seriously, because she does.

9. Deeply she really wants to help other people. Find a way so that both of you could actually do it this time.

10. Have good relations with her friends. It is not easy for her to open herself up to people. The people closest to her right now might not have any idea how lucky they are. In fact, you might have no idea how lucky you are.

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