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The Prestige (Corona and his impeachment)

“Every great magic trick consists of three acts. The first act is called ‘The Pledge.’ The magician shows you something ordinary, but of course it probably isn’t. The second act is called ‘The Turn’. The magician makes his ordinary something do something extraordinary. Now, if you’re looking for the secret … you won’t find it. That’s why there is a third act, called ‘The Prestige.’ This is the part with the twists and turns, where lives hang in the balance and you see something shocking you’ve never seen before.”  – The Prestige (2006)


Alright, it’s pretty simple.

Before I try to explain the clusterfuck that is the impeachment of Corona, and why I believe this is a genius move of Noynoy Aquino or his handlers, I will digress on explaining my opinion of how the way things work. These would be concise and simple. This is the current way I see it, that may or may not change in time and in presentation of evidence. I am open for correction and for debate if my interest permits it.

What I will say is the culmination of researched articles, opinions, news and facts and my own deduction and interpretation of history. And yes, this is speculation.

There is reason to believe that there are forces, beyond the public perception, that is targetting the democracy (and its government) of this country. Both foreign and local interests are vested in its stability and at the same time, foreign and local interests are vested in its demise.

There is reason to believe these forces have become so pervasive in our society that we wouldn’t notice their existence, their motives, their subtle propaganda and their movement. Totally immersed, we would not suspect them of the source of the major problems our society faces.

Highly unlikely


There is reason to believe that one side is winning.


There is reason to believe that these forces are constantly and are actively at odds with each other, and again, only far from the public perception. They are the main players of the political landscape, and they do so behind the curtains. So, what we actually see on TV or what we think we know about what’s going on is careful calculation, engineering, propaganda and manipulation by these forces. Macchiavelli-style.

Just smoke and mirrors.

The impeachment of Corona is the latest show in the battle of these forces, and I am not talking about being pro or anti Noynoy, or pro or anti GMA. In fact, if you believe so, you are suckered into The Pledge of these great magicians, waiting (or hoping) for The Turn. (Watch Christopher Nolan’s The Prestige for the metaphors)

In any case, you only need to read the:


and the


to figure out that the impeachment complaint is, to be technical about it, pathetic.


But, hey.


We don’t really want to read the whole text now do we? We’d rather believe “common” logic, which is: GMA is evil and a criminal, Noynoy is good, Corona was appointed by GMA (at midnight supposedly and not literally) therefore making him evil, evil GMA seeks sympathy for her fatal disease, guilty GMA attempts to fly out of the country, corrupt SC headed by Corona issues TRO against WLO, hero De Lima defies order, Comelec files charges against GMA, GMA is detained, Noynoy brands Corona as corrupt, Congress impeaches Corona…


“It is right to impeach Corona, since he is the embodiment of the remnant of evil that is GMA in this country.”

I won’t blame you or the majority for believing that. I won’t brand you as an idiot like some fanatics of the anti-Noynoy camp usually do these days. And if you’ve reached this conclusion with a holy anger against GMA, I won’t hold that against you. In fact, I can affirm the use of passion in matters of National importance. I only appeal to your reason, to suspend your passion, and see all of this objectively. And it’s not an easy thing too. We are being had. The basic tenet of justice is that everyone is presumed innocent unless proven guilty; a concept that few people understand the full meaning of.

And look at everything, it all falls into place. The “Corona-is-GMA’s-lapdog” sounds logical it seems ridiculous to think otherwise. Definitely “makes sense”. It is consistent with the narrative. It is easy to digest. And it is how a great story should be told. It is a great show. And that’s why it’s the problem.


A great show always involves some degree of lying.


I won’t even try to get lofty with allusions to the destruction of institutions or the separation of powers. Or that these whole she-bang is caused by SC’s decision on Hacienda Luisita. Or Noynoy’s team’s bungling incompetence or what-have-you.

I’ve said that I am betting 100 bucks and 2 cents that this impeachment will push through. They will probably impeach Corona or make him resign or remove him from office one way or another. But by that time, it would all be irrelevant. The battle is won the moment Noynoy insists not acknowledging Corona as Chief Justice. The battle is won when Noynoy was elected by sentiments. The battle is won when the field became “good vs. evil” courtesy of heralds of gods and men.

And one battle in a war.

And the real war rages on. Beyond and behind the politics, the showbiz, the intrigue. It is something else. But do we really want to know who, what, how and why?


Every magic trick consists of three parts, or acts. The first part is called the pledge, the magician shows you something ordinary. The second act is called the turn, the magician takes the ordinary something and makes it into something extraordinary. But you wouldn’t clap yet, because making something disappear isn’t enough. You have to bring it BACK. Now you’re looking for the secret. But you won’t find it because of course, you’re not really looking… 


… You don’t really want to work it out. You want to be fooled. 


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  2. avatar Ella:


    In an ordinary Juan Dela Cruz dealing with the everyday strife and looking for additional means to sustain his family, he wouldn’t waste time to read all the links relating to the context of SC Justice Corona’s impeachment. He would rather think, “What’s in it for me?” and continue with his life, not knowing what will be the impact of all this.

    Dude, even simple Juan Dela Cruz has no luxury of being with his family to watch news everyday. Or even buy a Broadsheet or “Good” tabloid to get himself updated. He has no twitter, no facebook, and perhaps he won’t even see your magic of information (through this) and my “impulse” comments on your write-up.

    We as more “intelligent” (?) or more “fortunate” individuals have the obligation to “laymanize” everything and define highly technical words into “simpleng pinoy english” in front of his face and explain what is the viewpoint from both sides. Unfortunately, We “intelligent” people have no time – or have no luxury to do these things. We are, rather, busy, understanding the whole text since the whole show is a puzzle in itself.

    We (again, as more “intelligent” or more “fortunate”) should make these people informed. Thus, as my participation, I am sharing this write-up in facebook so that more intelligent people will read this and would help me appreciate the links you have posted there.

    [Sori at nakisabat; Interesting kasi]

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