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Here we stand, again, on the precipice of the turning of the year. Here, we look back on the events that transpired, we reflect on the relevancy of our already one-fourths-spent existence, and maybe we look forward into nothing at all but hope. Also, formulate excuses as to why we do not update our blogs often.


What is left to talk about, I am not entirely sure myself. I find that much has been said to interest (or disinterest) anyone any longer on any given subject. And how to write about something, I am finding myself unsure as well. It has been so long since I have written something with a relatively sensible spirit. I used to think that when I’ve gone past the spelling and grammar errors, that somehow wisdom improves along with it. But now I find that that is not necessarily the case. All I’ve improved is how to use a few vocabulary, some know-how to string words together, some know-how to say what words in when and where, or how to not say words and use something else instead, and somehow hope that they will birth wisdom by themselves.


Of course, this passes as a formidable writing technique to sound scholarly. Maybe impress someone long enough to get someone’s sober attention. Or maybe intimidate, coerce, and humor people… but in the end, one knows how one sounds like static from an empty channel on TV if one isn’t really saying anything at all. And now I feel how obsolete it sounds to use a TV metaphor in this decade to try to get a point across.


Ironic that when you can write better to say things, that you find lesser better things to say.


Definitely, I’ve gained more reservations now more than when I remembered last writing something of relevance. Back then I can bravely put to words any impulse of thought in a relatively equal speed of my hand; but now it would take me great caution – and responsibility, perhaps – to anything I wish be made public. Now, it leaves a whole lot of time for me to sound poetic and superfluous in words, when I’ve just been telling nonsense. Hell, I definitely lost some spunk and humor for saying “superfluous”.


Say better things and think better things.” That is the mantra.


Regardless, big changes are coming. And I’m anything but excited to start the year. I would not make a promise but it will definitely help if I could keep up with the jotting-down-stuff-in-a-blog thing regularly. Something sensible, hopefully, and growing in intensity for the next blogs to come.

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